Tummy Tuck

(Abdominoplasty) A tummy tuck is a procedure which improves the overall shape of the abdomen. There are many factors that may contribute to patients’ dissatisfaction with the abdominal appearance – a weakened and bulging abdominal wall due to pregnancy or changes in weight, skin laxity and excess skin or excess fatty tissue of the abdomen and flanks. All of these factors which may contribute to the patient’s dissatisfaction can be improved with a tummy tuck. Often the abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction to further improve the abdominal contour.

Dr. Chandler has spent years perfecting the abdominoplasty technique and incorporates numerous finesse techniques to create the most aesthetic abdominal contour possible. Dr. Chandler usually performs drainless abdominoplasties which makes the post operative care easier for patients.